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Bhutan Health and Safety Protocols

Your health and wellbeing are our most concern

We are ready to welcome you to Bhutan with comprehensive health and safety protocols

The Kingdom of Bhutan looks forward to welcome travellers back in March, 2021 with Covid-19 regulations in place. In line with the latest recommendations from leading authorities like the World Health Organization, our protocols ensure safe environments at our selected resorts and lodges. Providing unique guest experiences has been the bedrock of Flagship since our inception, and has always included the utmost privacy and exclusivity. This exclusivity forms a seamless part of our new operational procedures which safeguards your peace of mind at every turn.


1. Reservation Management Prior to Departure

All guests will be contacted prior to departure with any specific health and safety information relevant to their upcoming travel. Guests are obliged to present upon arrival a negative molecular test result (PCR) for COVID-19, performed up to 72 hours before their departure.


2. General Hygiene
  • Hand wash and soap dispenser stations throughout communal areas.
  • Hand sanitiser in all rooms and bathrooms
  • Guest suites are sterilised before check in and daily during a guests stay
  • Extra cleaning protocols in guest suites with focus on high contact areas and items
  • All suites and vehicles are extensively sanitised
  • We recommend that guests follow stringent hygiene practices of regular hand washing and sanitisation, limited hand face contact, social distancing and the wearing of face mask


3. Front of House Staff & Guest Interaction
  • Health screenings and pre boarding medical evaluations for all staff and crew.
  • Daily health checks to ensure any health concerns are actively addressed and monitored
  • A dedicated Health and Safety Officer has the responsibility for the wellbeing of each guest, as well as the correct compliance and implementation of safety standards.

All resorts have strict protocols in place in the event of a guest falling ill or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 while at the lodge. These protocols include isolation in guest suites, access to a medical officer and incident management team, and transfer to the nearest pre-approved medical facility for treatment, should the need arise.


4. Dining
  • There will be greater flexibility for seating to ensure safe physical distancing between diners
  • Families will be able to sit together, guests may choose to dine alone, or groups of guests may opt to have meals together
  • Immune boosting drinks are available
  • Our kitchen is staffed by well equipped, highly trained personnel who utilise international best practices in sanitisation and quality control
  • All staff provided with relevant PPE (Personal Protection Equipment refers to gloves, masks, face shields, aprons, protective suits and shoe covers)
  • Implementation of global food safety policy

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