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8 Day Luxury Yacht Itinerary in North Raja Ampat

Sep 15, 2021 | Raja Ampat

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with manta rays, exploring some of the world’s most magnificent coral reefs, or travelling aboard a luxurious yacht? If so, our 8 Day North Raja Ampat Expedition is for you.

This journey will allow you to explore the 1,500 island archipelago full of great diversity and unique sights. The diversity of the region is a dream come true for scuba divers and explorers around the world.

Be sure to book your Raja Ampat journey soon, as demand is sure to skyrocket in 2022-2023, following the global pandemic.


Day 1: Board a luxury yacht

Step aboard your luxury yacht in Sorong Harbour, the gateway to Raja Ampat, to receive the warmest of welcomes from your friendly crew. Enjoy a late afternoon snorkel at beautiful Mioskon reef and spot pygmy seahorses, napoleon wrasse and wobbegong sharks.


Day 2: Experience incredible underwater diversity

Wake up to the surroundings of stunning birds on the heart-shaped Mioskon Island. After breakfast, sail to Cape Kiri, an astonishing reef that holds the world record for the most variety of species of fish ever recorded at one site. Due to the crossroads of different currents at this site, an incredible variety of fauna and flora fills the area, along with all kinds of sharks, fish, and coral diversity.


Day 3: Snorkel magnificent reefs

Spend the morning snorkelling at some of Raja Ampat’s most superb coral reefs, such as Galaxy and Melissa’s Garden with its brilliant array of corals and teeming marine life. For photography lovers, this is a spot you won’t want to miss.


Day 4: Take in the views

Cruise to Wofo, a dreamy islet made up of two rocky outcrops surrounded by slivers of sand and coral. Sailing towards Wayag Island in the late afternoon, enjoy incredible views of the stunning limestone karst formations and untouched islands of this undiscovered paradise. Aboard a luxurious yacht among the most captivating views, you’ll create the memories of a lifetime.


Day 5: Hike a panoramic vista

Wake up for a sunrise hike to Mt. Pindito, the highest peak on Wayag, to reveal a panoramic vista of the island’s tropical lagoons and picturesque rock formations. This hike is not for the faint of heart but is well worth the trek as it reveals one of the best views in Raja Ampat.


Day 6: Explore a marine sanctuary

Snorkel at a memorable marine sanctuary in East Wayag Island, looking out for sweetlips, barracudas and black tip reef sharks. This island is known for its beautiful atolls and spectacular underwater life, as well its pristine beaches with unique islands that look like mushrooms arising from the sea.


Day 7: Take in the historic culture

Enjoy the warmest of welcomes and traditional island hospitality on an intriguing tour of Arborek Village. This tiny island dotted with sago palms and beaches of dazzling white sand is also known for its handicraft in making hats and noken (string bags).


Day 8: Say farewell

Arriving back in Sorong, say your farewells to the crew before your Flagship Cruise Director escorts you to Domine Eduard Osok Airport for your onward flight.


Ready to book your own luxurious yacht getaway to North Raja Ampat? Flagship Luxury Expeditions is a boutique luxury travel agency offering unique itineraries to destinations around the world. Contact us to plan your dream vacation.

Waigeo Culture of Raja Ampat

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